About Royal Garage

The company originally started in the automobile business in 1924.  Originally, the vehicles sold were Dodge cars, which at that time were built by the Dodge brothers.  It was a few years later that Walter P. Chrysler bought out the Dodge brothers and formed Chrysler Corporation.


1924 Dodge Coupe

  1950 Chrysler
New Yorker
  2002 Chrysler Prowler

The founder of Dodge City/Royal Garage was Sandy Elton who managed the company until his death in 1971 at which time his son Charles (Sr) assumed ownership and actively participated in management until his death in 1998. The company, to this day, is still family owned and operated.


Sandy Elton

1893 - 1971



Charles Elton Sr.

1921 - 1998
Dealer Principal

Dodge City/Royal Garage is the oldest Chrysler dealership in Canada.  Over the years, the company has grown and expanded and has kept up with the latest in business practices and systems.





Our Management Team:


Charles Elton Jr.

Dealer Principal

Ph. 709-748-2118

Fax: 709-748-2108


Pat Broderick


Ph. 709-748-2131

Fax: 709-748-2108

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